How to see friends list on venmo? (2024)

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How to see friends list on venmo?

In the top right corner of the page, click on your profile picture or the menu icon (☰). This will open the main menu. From the main menu, click on the “Friends” option. A new page will open, displaying your friend list with their names, profile pictures, and usernames.

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How can I see my Venmo friends list?

You can view your friends list in the Venmo app. Just tap the number of friends at the top of your Me tab (ex: “200 Friends”) to check it out. You can go to another user's profile and do the same thing to see their friends list. Depending on your privacy settings, other Users can also view your friends list this way.

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How do I not see other people's transactions on Venmo?

For added security in Venmo, you should change your settings to friends-only and personal. The former only shows transactions visible to the sender/recipient and your Venmo friends, while the latter limits transaction information to only yourself and the sender/recipient.

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Can you see friends transactions on Venmo?

What payment information is visible on the public feed when I share payments with friends? When a payment is shared, the payment note, names of sender/recipient, and timestamp of the payment will be visible on the public feed. ONLY the sender and recipient have access to the payment amount.

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Why does Venmo show friends activity?

"We make it default because it's fun to share [information] with friends in the social world," a Venmo representative told CNET Friday. "[We've seen that] people open up Venmo to see what their family and friends are up to." Venmo might not spring to mind as a social network like Facebook and Twitter .

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How do I change from goods and services to friends and family on Venmo?

Start sending a payment to a friend or family member on Venmo as you usually would. Tap the blue Pay button, choose the recipient, enter the amount, and then tap Pay. Toggle the "Turn on for purchases" slider off.

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What is friends and family vs goods and services on Venmo?

When you send money, we ask you to choose a payment type. You can send money as: a personal payment to friends and family (“Sending to a friend”) a purchase for goods and services (“Paying for an item or service”)

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How do I manually add friends on Venmo?

The easiest way to invite your friends to use Venmo is by sending them a payment using their phone number or email address. This recipient will show up in your feed as a New User until your friend signs up.

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Is Venmo tracked by the IRS?

Reporting income

P2P payment platforms, including PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, and others, are required to provide information to the IRS about customers who receive payments for the sale of goods and services through those platforms.

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Does Venmo notify screenshots?

The answer is no, they won't get a notification if you screenshot their payments, and vice versa.

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Can I delete Venmo transaction history?

Can I delete transactions from Venmo? It's not possible to delete or clear past transactions, but you can make them private. Even deleting your Venmo account with won't hide who you've paid or received money from, nor will blocking users with whom you've transacted.

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How do I view someone's Venmo transactions?

All I need to do is enter a name in the top search bar of Venmo to begin digging. Once a name pops up, I can just tap “Feed” to see the transactions. My editor probably doesn't know his profile is public, but here it is. (I blurred his details to save my job):

How to see friends list on venmo? (2024)
How do I update my friends on Venmo?

How to sync your contacts on Venmo
  1. In your main menu, tap the "Settings" button, second from the bottom. Tap "Settings." ...
  2. Under your Preferences list, tap "Friends & Social," the fifth option down. ...
  3. To add your phone contacts automatically, simply toggle the switch next to "Phone Contacts" to the on position.
Nov 14, 2019

How do I edit friends on Venmo?

To change your friends list on Venmo, go to the main menu and select “Friends.” From here, you can add, remove, or change the information for each friend.

How do I avoid service fees on Venmo?

You can avoid the three percent purchase fee by only sending money from your Venmo balance, bank account, or debit card. As long as you're not using a credit card directly, Venmo does not charge a fee to send money.

How do I identify a payment as goods and services on Venmo?

Customers can indicate whether a payment is for a good or service, which for Venmo is done through a button on the payment note screen in the app.

Is goods and services the same as friends and family?

While PayPal Friends and Family is for sending and receiving personal payments, PayPal Goods and Services is for sending and receiving business payments. For example, you can use PayPal Goods and Services to buy a physical or digital item or pay for a service.

Do you pay taxes on Venmo?

Venmo) is required to withhold 24% of those payments and send it to the IRS for backup withholding. This is required by the IRS and helps to ensure that any applicable taxes due on these payments are paid. Remember: You can provide your tax ID in the Venmo app to avoid backup withholding on your payments.

Can two people share a Venmo account?

If you share ownership of a bank account with another Venmo user, you may both be able to use the bank account on Venmo. We now allow up to two Venmo users to share a bank account to fund payments and receive bank transfers on Venmo.

Are payments between friends taxable on Venmo?

The good news: If you're using Venmo to swap money for drinks with friends, that's not considered taxable income. The P2P payment threshold only applies to business income—like if you're an artist accepting payment for work via PayPal.

Can cops track Venmo payments?

Money in the Venmo Balance can be utilized for future transactions through Venmo, or can be transferred to the linked bank account. Venmo data can be utilized in forensic investigations and can be subpoenaed, or the data can be requested directly from Venmo by the owner of the account.

How much can you send on Venmo for free?

The Venmo daily limit for sending and receiving money depends on whether your account is verified or unverified. +1(909) 314-1764 For unverified accounts, the daily limit is $299.99, while for verified accounts, the daily limit is $4,999.99.

Is it safe to give a stranger your Venmo?

Venmo scams often take place when buying/selling with strangers. Since the app isn't designed to be used with strangers, scammers exploit the lack of payment and buyer protections on Venmo. Venmo scams resulting in identity theft are always a risk — and the consequences can be devastating.

Can anyone see your name on Venmo?

By default, Venmo displays the user's first and last name to their friends on the platform. However, a user can change their privacy settings to hide their name from other users. Therefore, it is possible for someone to find out a Venmo user's real name through the app.

Will Venmo refund money if scammed?

Venmo makes no promises that they'll refund money you sent to a scammer — only that they'll “investigate any available options.” Contact support in the Venmo app under “Home” and then “Get Help” or use this online form. Make sure you include: The username of the person to whom you sent money.

Is Venmo really private?

Transactions are public by default, and users must manually change their privacy settings if they want to limit visibility. It's not clear many users know this — or, even if they do, that they fully understand how much other people can see.

How long does Venmo keep records?

You can download your history in one-month windows going back three years. If you need to see older transactions, we can send you a statement via email.

What happens when you block someone on Venmo?

This will ensure that the user will not show up in your Venmo network, and they won't be able to search for you in the app (and vice versa). Most importantly, the other user won't be able to send or request any payments from you.

Can I add family member to Venmo?

Firstly, if you share a bank account with a domestic partner or a person in your family, you can add two Venmo accounts to that singular account. Subsequently, the joint account holder who first linked the bank account to Venmo will be alerted of the second user's activity.

How much can I send friends and family on Venmo?

Go to the "Me" tab, tap the Settings gear in the top right, then tap “Identity Verification.” If you have completed identity verification, it is possible to send up to $60,000 per week on Venmo. You can also spend a combined $7,000 a week on purchases, including: Using your in-store QR code.

How do I change my transaction type on Venmo?

Tap on the transaction to open its details page. Tap on the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the page. Select "Edit Payment". Choose the correct transaction type (Payment or Charge) from the options presented.

How do I change from goods and services to friends and family on PayPal?

Here's how easy it is:
  1. Log into your account at Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account - PayPal , select “Pay or send money” and choose whether you're paying for goods or services or sending money to friends and family.
  2. Enter the recipient's email address, mobile number or name and click “Next”

Can 2 people use the same Venmo account?

If you share ownership of a bank account with another Venmo user, you may both be able to use the bank account on Venmo. We now allow up to two Venmo users to share a bank account to fund payments and receive bank transfers on Venmo.

Can my wife and I share the same Venmo account?

You can have two Venmo accounts using different bank accounts or even the same bank account. Having two Venmo accounts is a great feature if you share a joint bank account with your partner or family member.

Can I add my daughter to my Venmo account?

Only parents or guardians can sign up for a Venmo Teen Account on their teen's behalf. Each account will provide a teen with a Venmo Teen Debit Card, and the parent or guardian will have the option to invite their teen to use the Venmo app.

What is the maximum Venmo payment person to person?

The previously-mentioned spending limits for Venmo's personal accounts include peer-to-peer (P2P) payments. As such, unverified personal accounts cannot make P2P transfers over the $299.99 weekly limit. Once verified, a user can make P2P transfers of up to $7,000 per week.

What is the limit you can transfer to another person on Venmo?

For users with unverified accounts, the weekly limit for person-to-person transfers is $299.99. Upon verification, the limit increases, allowing transfers of up to $60,000 in some cases. For business accounts, unverified users can send $2,499.99 in person-to-person transfers, and verified users can send up to $25,000.

What is the maximum amount you can transfer on Venmo?

If you've confirmed your identity, you can transfer up to $19,999.99 to your bank per week. There's a $5,000 per transfer limit. You'll need to initiate multiple transfers if you want to transfer more than $5,000.

Why is Venmo charging me a fee to receive money?

Why Does Venmo Charge Fees? Venmo, like other money transfer apps, charges fees to make money. The company generates revenue by charging a percentage of each payment. The fee you pay depends on the type of transaction and where it's sent.

Does Venmo charge a fee?

As noted, a simple Venmo transaction from a user's bank account, Venmo debit card, or Venmo cash balance is free of charge. If a credit card is used to pay, Venmo charges the sender a 3% fee.

What is the difference between friends and family and goods and services?

While PayPal Friends and Family is for sending and receiving personal payments, PayPal Goods and Services is for sending and receiving business payments. For example, you can use PayPal Goods and Services to buy a physical or digital item or pay for a service.

Why can I not change to friends and family on PayPal?

Unfortunately the friends/family option is not available in every country. If you go to send > put in email address > put in amount > next page is only goods/services then its not available in your country, which I don't think it is.

How do you tell if PayPal is goods and services or friends and family?

The easiest way to recognize goods and services payments through PayPal is the the receipt. When you use the goods and services option, there will be a shipping address attached to the transaction for the goods to be sent to.


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