How to see someone liked videos on tiktok private? (2024)

How to see someone liked videos on tiktok private?

Your likes will automatically be set as visible only to you, but you can change that at any time from your profile page: Access Privacy and Settings by clicking the three dots in the top right corner. Tap "Who Can See the Videos I've Liked" Choose between All and Me.

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Can TikTok friends see what videos I like?

Your likes will automatically be set as visible only to you, but you can change that at any time from your profile page: Access Privacy and Settings by clicking the three dots in the top right corner. Tap "Who Can See the Videos I've Liked" Choose between All and Me.

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Can people see what I like and comment on TikTok?

By default, when you comment on a video on TikTok, it is visible to everyone who can view that particular video. However, if you have set your account's privacy settings to private, only your approved followers will be able to see your comments.

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Can followers see private likes on TikTok?

TikTok allows users to view the videos other users have “Liked” on the video-sharing platform. However, users have the option to hide the videos they've liked if they don't want other users to be able to see them.

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How do you see someone's comments on TikTok?

You can find comments on a TikTok video by scrolling down to the "Comments" section below the video. You can also reply to comments directly from this section. If you're looking for a specific comment, you can use the search bar at the top of the Comments section to search for keywords or phrases.

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Can someone on TikTok see if you viewed their profile?

Only you can see who viewed your profile, but if you turn on the feature, you're also consenting to let others see that you've viewed their profile. Thankfully, you have to manually opt-in to TikTok profile views — it's not automatic, so don't worry if you looked at your ex's profile yesterday.

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Can someone see if I viewed their profile on TikTok if my profile views are off?

Typically, when you turn off your TikTok profile views, it means that other users cannot see how many times you've viewed their profile. However, this setting may not affect whether your own profile views are still visible to other users.

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Can you like a TikTok anonymously?

To make your liked videos private, make sure the "Only me" option is selected.

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Can you see how many times someone viewed your TikTok profile?

Yes, you can see which users visited your profile if you've turned on the Profile View History and the aforementioned conditions are met. And you can only see the view counts of each video posted on TikTok.

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Can people see your private videos on TikTok?

If you have a private account, only people you approve can follow you, view your videos, LIVE videos, bio, likes as well as your following and followers lists. With a private account, other people won't be able to Duet, Stitch, or download your videos.

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How to stop someone from seeing your tiktoks without blocking them?

Choose who can view your videos
  1. In the TikTok app, go to the video you'd like to update. You can find your videos on your Profile.
  2. Tap the More options button on the side of the video.
  3. Tap Privacy settings at the bottom. You may need to swipe left.
  4. Below Who can watch this video, choose who you'd like to allow to watch.

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How do I see replies to comments on TikTok?

Step 1. Open the TikTok app and go to your inbox to see all your notifications. Step 2. Scroll down until you see replies to comments on the left.

How to see someone liked videos on tiktok private? (2024)
Can you block someone from seeing your TikTok comments?

Blocking users disables them from viewing your videos or engaging with you through direct messages, comments, follows or likes.

Is there a social blade for TikTok?

Social Blade integrates seamlessly with TikTok, pulling data directly from the platform to offer users real-time analytics about their TikTok account. This integration allows for the tracking and analysis of various performance indicators, making it an invaluable tool for TikTok users.

Is post view history only for followers?

Post view history only works with followers who also have the feature on. In addition, TikTok only records post views for the past seven days. To enable Post view history, go to your TikTok profile and tap the three-line settings icon.

Can people on Instagram see how many times you view their profile?

The short answer is no. Instagram doesn't allow users to see who views their profile. So if you look through someone's profile and don't like or comment on a post, there's no way for them to know who sees their pictures.

What does nudge mean on TikTok?

Guys, have you seen this? There's a new feature on TikTok called nudge. This feature allows users to ask their favourite. creators to go live with a click of a button. So if someone sends you a nudge, they will automatically be updated with live.

How do you know if someone blocked you on TikTok?

Step 1: Navigate to the TikTok Search page. Step 2: Type the username of the account. Step 3: If you attempt to follow them and receive the message "you cannot follow this user," this means they have blocked you on TikTok.

Is it illegal to pretend to be someone on TikTok?

Impersonation: Tiktok does not allow accounts to pose as another person or entity by using someone else's name and profile picture. When an impersonation report gets confirmed, the user's account can get suspended or banned entirely.

How do I recover deleted liked videos on TikTok?

Within the account settings, look for the option "Manage account" and select it. A new list of options will appear, and among them, you will find "Deleted videos." Tap on this option to proceed. In the list of deleted videos, locate the specific video you wish to recover.

Is there a like limit on TikTok?

TikTok like limit on per day

During the day, TikTok users can like just 500 likes for videos. Otherwise, there will be some blockages.

Why can't I see likes on comments on TikTok?

TikTok does not allow its users to see the name of the people who liked the comments directly from the comments section. The platform will only notify you that someone has liked your comment, and no one else in the comment section gets a notification about it..

Can someone tell if I look at their Facebook page a lot?

Facebook does not track who views your profile, so they will not know if you have been looking at theirs a lot. There are some things that could make them suspect that you have been looking at their profile, such as appearing on their "People You May Know" list or liking or commenting on their posts.

Can you screenshot Tiktoks?

Do you want to save or screen record a TikTok video without notifying others? Luckily, TikTok does not notify the creator if you screenshot or screen record their videos. However, the same applies for your own posted videos; you won't get a notification if others save or record your videos.

Does liking your own videos on TikTok shadow ban you?

No shade. A lot of people do it. I work with a lot of people, and I can always tell when they've done that. I know people who've gotten, like, shadow banned for that.

Can TikTok be viewed anonymously?

Things You Should Know. Turn off Profile View History to view TikTok profiles without anyone knowing. To watch people's TikToks privately, turn off Post View History. If you still want to see who's been looking at your TikTok, you can browse as a guest or create a second account instead.

Is the dislike button on TikTok anonymous?

The new dislike button was rolled out globally to all users of the platform. However, those dislikes won't be public nor will the commenter know that their comment was disliked.


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