Why is Gen Z in debt? (2024)

Why is Gen Z in debt?

Members of Generation Z are struggling to keep up their credit scores because of a combination of higher borrowing costs, slowing wage growth, student loans and other debts.

Why is Gen Z debt rising?

Today, many Generation Z members — generally classified as those born between 1997 and 2012 — are struggling to keep their credit scores high. Factors like high inflation, student loans, higher interest rates, and slower wage growth are impacting Gen Zers' ability to make ends meet.

Why is Gen Z struggling financially?

CHARLOTTE, NC – Today, 85% of Gen Zers cite one or more barriers to achieving financial success. Topping the list is the higher cost of living, cited by 53% of respondents to Bank of America's annual Better Money Habits survey (PDF) .

How much is Gen Z in debt?

The average Generation Z member has $2,282 in credit card debt. Americans have an average of $6,365 in credit card debt. Creating a payoff plan is the first step to eliminating debt.

What generation is most in debt?

Analysis of the debt share in the U.S. shows that people aged 40-49 hold the largest amount of debt at $4.21 trillion in total. People aged 50-59 have the most credit card debt in total at $0.21 trillion, and people aged 30-39 have the most student loan debt at $0.5 trillion.

Are Gen Z financially savvy?

And while there are plenty of pitfalls and missteps that could plague young people along the way, Gen Z is shaping up to be the most financially savvy generation yet.

How is Gen Z doing financially?

Aged between 18 and 26, Gen Z is grappling with new financial challenges at a time of high inflation, expensive college costs and a competitive job market. One of the biggest financial concerns for Gen Z is their lack of emergency savings.

What is the main problem of Gen Z?

A study by McKinsey last year found that Gen-Z faces an unprecedented behavioral health crisis. Zoomers in America reported the least positive outlook and the highest level of mental illness of any generation. This cohort is going through what looks like a decline in economic opportunities.

Are Gen Z more likely to quit?

Gen Zs are taking work by storm—with increased demands and heightened expectations. They also have tremendous job mobility and majorities of them say they are likely to quit or hop to new jobs for all kinds of reasons.

Are Gen Z willing to spend money?

The youngest adult generation has relied on 'little treat culture' to get through the day. Now, they're found ways to buy much bigger treats, even with inflation. Young adults are big spenders and big savers. And even with economic uncertainty and stress, the Gen Z generation is not paralyzed by money decisions.

Do Gen Z have no savings?

Younger generations the least prepared

“Gen Z and millennials are notably behind, with over three in five (60%) either having no savings for retirement or having saved less than $5,000. But 17% have saved between $5,000 and $50,000.”

Is Gen Z the most in debt?

While credit card debt increased the most among Gen Z in the second quarter of the year, Gen Z holds the least amount of debt, while Gen X, individuals born between 1965 and 1980, hold the most, according to Credit Karma data.

How does Gen Z feel about money?

Aligning on money is all the more pressing for younger generations, who are earlier on in their relationships and careers—nearly half (49%) of Gen Zers view financial compatibility as more important than physical compatibility. That's compared to 40% of millennials, 35% of Gen Xers, and 30% of baby boomers.

Which is the unhappiest generation?

New research from talent management company Cangrade has looked at workplace happiness generation by generation. And a survey of 600 individuals found that Gen Z is the most unhappy generation at work. Just 59% of Gen Z workers are happy, compared to 69% for Baby Boomers and 76% for Millennials and Gen X.

Which generation is the richest?

The Visual Capitalist used the Federal Reserve's data from the final quarter of 2022 to provide a general breakdown of generational wealth. Here's what they found: Baby boomers: $78.1 trillion (50%) Generation X: $46 trillion (29.5%)

How does Gen Z feel about credit cards?

That debt-wary attitude is one of a number factors behind Gen Z's much-hyped relationship with credit cards, but industry analysts say this generation is gravitating toward them as they mature. Gen Zers themselves say they're not afraid of or uninterested in credit cards – they're just mindful about how they use them.

Are Gen Z motivated by money?

“My studies have shown that being happy and fulfilled, and making enough to live comfortably top the most important features in Gen Z's ideal careers – not being rich and travelling the world.” So, it's not necessarily that Gen Z are greedy or money-grabbing; the majority, say experts, just want to cover their costs.

Will Gen Z be better off than millennials?

A new survey says it has a more positive outlook on homeownership, too. Gen Z is more optimistic about owning a home compared to millennials, per a Redfin survey. Previous surveys found that Gen Z is also ahead when it comes to home purchases.

Is Gen Z struggling?

A little more than a third of Gen Z rated their mental health and emotional wellbeing as “poor” or “only fair.” And while people in all generations are experiencing declining mental health, Gen Z is fairing worse than older generations—according to separate surveys of older adults conducted by Gallup.

Where does Gen Z spend the most money?

What do Gen Z spend money on?
Type of spendingPercentage
Going out/entertainment37.49%
Food delivery/eating out36.99%
Toys and games15.45%
10 more rows

Is everyone struggling financially 2023?

Financial setbacks made it difficult to achieve milestones

In addition to the plethora of financial challenges consumers faced this past year, 65% of Americans experienced financial setbacks in 2023.

Why does Gen Z not like working?

Managers have said Gen Z is the most "challenging" generation to work with. Gen Zers are now responding to the criticism — and explaining why they don't want to work. One Gen Zer blamed wage stagnation, while another said they are prioritizing work/life balance.

What are the bad sides of Gen Z?

Generation Z can experience negative emotions such as anxiety, strangeness, and panic when absent from one's device or experience feelings of being afraid due to not knowing what everyone else is doing (Vincent, 2006).

How long will Gen Z live?

The average life expectancy of baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z are different. Compared to the 70-year life expectancy of baby boomers and the 85-year life expectancy of Gen X, Gen Z is predicted to have a life expectancy of over 100 years.

Are Gen Z the healthiest generation?

Like millennials, Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012), are more likely to prioritize eating healthy and getting regular exercise, however, they also prioritize their mental health and managing stress.


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